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Amplo, E. and Butler, D. (2023) “Design-Based Learning and Constructionist learning principles to promote Artificial Intelligence literacy and awareness in K-12, a pilot study.”
IAFOR International conference on education.

Amplo, E. and Butler, D. (2023) “A learning programme framed by TPCK (Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge) and based on Constructionism and Design to enhanceTeacher learning and development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) key ideas and competencies.”
SITE Society for information technology and teacher education.
Amplo, E. (2023), “Artificial Intelligence Education and Public Engagement through Teacher Learning and Co-Creation.”
AIET Artificial Intelligence in Education Technology, Berlin
[Conference presentation]
Amplo, E., Butler, D., and Cusack, T., “Developing AI (Artificial Intelligence) literacy through an online programme for Pre-Service Teachers underpinned by TPCK (Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge) and Constructionist learning principles.”