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Lesson 1

Learning from data
This lesson will help your students explore the whole data science cycle. How a problem can be solved using data. how to collect them and analyse them. Useful links to explainer videos for an interactive introduction can be found on the website.
Template and full lesson here

Lesson 2

Teach a machine
Thanks to these activities students could explore how machines learn. In particular, they will tinker with decision trees and classification using cards, paper and pen and Teachable Machine website. Use the “Image project”.
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Lesson 3

In lesson 2 students could see machine learning limitations. Sometimes shapes were mis-classified, eventhough they are simple for us to be. Machine reasoning that is related to logic can be an alternative to teach machines about shapes.
Template and full lesson here

Lesson 4

Smart robot
Imagine…We want to design a smart Robot that can dance or speak.
We can interact with it using written commands (text). With your students you can try to teach the robot different ways to ask to dance or chat in Irish or any other foreign language. Below the example is in English for simplicity.
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Lesson 5

Healthy robot
With this activity, students start to think about how AI can be used for good. In this experiment, they will create a smart robot that can recognise junk from healthy food. This time students will learn how to use image classification in Machine Learning for Kids and how to implement the model in Scratch.
Template and full lesson here

Lesson 6,7,8

Design AI for good!

5 ways to wellbeing, HSE

Healthy habits

Websites for teachers, you can maybe select a few links that are suitable for your students:

HSE resources on health and wellbeing education:

Topics / resources ideas: https://healthpoweredkids.org/lessons/

Template and full lesson here

Design Thinking in class video.
Motivation and purpose of Design in class.