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AI for good

with Alessandra Mileo
Dr. Alessandra Mileo is currently a tenured Assistant Professor in the School of Computing, a Funded Investigator at the INSIGHT Centre for Data Analytics, and a Funded Investigator at the I-Form Advanced Manufacturing Centre, Dublin City University.

AI and people

with Enric Monroe
Insight centre, PhD researcher. His research lies in the intersection between AI and 3D animation, with a focus on generative adversarial networks.

Why AI?

with Marta Rocchi
Assistant Professor in Corporate Governance and Business Ethics at DCU Business School, and member of the Irish Institute of Digital Business.  She previously worked as Research Fellow and Vice-Director of the Markets, Culture and Ethics Research Centre in Rome, Italy.

AI in Education

with Debbie Woodward
Debbie is currently completing her postgraduate research studies at ATU (Atlantic Technological University). Her research seeks to explore how social robots can assist Irish primary school teachers. She looks at ways in which humanoid robots can be used as teaching assistants in the mainstream classroom. 

AI and Health

with Georgiana Ifrim
Dr. Georgiana Ifrim is an Associate Professor at the School of Computer Science, University College Dublin, Co-Lead of the SFI Centre for Research Training in Machine Learning (ML-Labs) and SFI Funded Investigator with the Insight Centre for Data Analytics. Her recent work is on time series and explainable AI.